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There's a lot of wisdom out there.

Quickly, I am realising how prolific racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. is

[TW : Vent about oppression and stupidity]

And how no one seems to give a shit. No one cares to value others, and some of the shit is just ridiculous.

Social justice. That used to fucking mean something, I think. today, I learned people have taken that term and decided to be whiney, oppression-seeking fuckwits. 

Can people just stop being completely fucking stupid for a minute and realize that they can be wrong and to value the voices of human beings who have suffered and experienced shit you know nothing about?

I’m lucky. I’m white, cisgender, and male. Atheist, sure, but i’m privileged as fuck. AS FUCK. I’m still learning how to not be a massive douchebag. How to not be racist, or sexist, or misogynistic.

I don’t even know where I’m going with this. I’m just fed up with every single fucking privileged asshole saying that they’re fucking angels compared to everyone they oppress.

There’s a lot of people out there willing to educate you on this. FOR FREE. They are willing to give you pages upon pages of fucking information for FREE. Instead of trying to learn, or saying, ‘Hey, maybe I’m wrong,’ they instead decide to be more oppressive and support more radically oppressive shit.

I don’t even know. I feel awful for people who are actually oppressed who have NO CHOICE but to live EVERY DAY with this bullshit. I’m sorry for the shit privileged individuals do whilst denying their privilege. I’m sorry most of us are still fucking oppressive at times because we were raised and taught by our culture that we are supposed to be this. 

I’m going to keep working on improving myself, and trying to be a good ally Not a disingenuous one.  I acknowledge I will make mistakes, and I need to listen when I do…My brain is just completely fucking explosive after the shit I’ve read in the past month, but today tipped me over. It’s hard to believe people are this fucking awful.

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