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COCODORM, my nigga?


George Zimmerman’s computer was searched in hopes of finding motive and reason of the shooting of teenager, Trayvon Martin and what they found makes me laugh the most disgusting cackle I’ve ever relinquished from my system. A number of gay Black porn sites were found on his computer. 

All jokes aside, no wonder he was so obsessed with the idea of ‘thugs’ running the neighbor he lived in. If you’ve ever watched Black gay porn you will realize how heavily the play up the ‘thug’ stereotype of Black men. In these porns you are bound to see anything from a hoodie or a fitted cap or both (at least in the first scene).

The porn industry has ALWAYS played on stereotypes of oppressed peoples to make their films. They take everything that isn’t cis hetero white male + cis hetero white female and put it in the “fetish” category:

You like to watch Black people (hetero) fuckin? Oh that’s the Black fetish.

Interracial? Interracial fetish.

Gay? Gay fetish.

Polygamy? Group/Orgy fetish.

Trans? [TW: T word] Tranny fetish.

and you want to see Black gay guys fuckin? Oh that’s in the Gay Thug Fetish.

The list goes on, some more dehumanizing than others but all together offensive. It’s no wonder that if this dude Zimmerman was watching “Taggaz.com, CocoDorm.com, and Thugboy.com” then he was definitely feeding into these disgusting stereotypes of Black men: we’re violent, abusive, and overtly aggressive. Of course he thought Trayvon was a thug. He saw the hoodie that he so morbidly fantasizes over and instantly remembered that the hoodie + the Black body = danger and violence.

I’m not blaming porn and I am NOT taking any blame off Zimmerman but I am just reminding everyone that in our countries social (and political) systems are racist. The white supremacy is so heavily engraved into almost every aspects of our lives. It is no shock that the -not so hidden- genocide on Black bodies is reaching a war-like body count.

[And if ANYONE comes at me with “but Zimmerman’s not white” even though he is CLEARLY a major fan of whiteness then you will be added to my list of people that if I had 3 wishes, 1 would be spent on “I wish these people didn’t exist.”]

(via womanistgamergirl)

There will always be one white person trying to equalize the global save trade of black bodies; the oppression appropriation and hatred of indigenous people; the appropriation, oppression and cultural rape of all Asian people, and the continuing oppression of those groups to being bullied in middle school by a black girl.