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The Only Recorded Evidence of NYC's "Stop & Frisk" policy in Action. WARNING: Police Brutality & Racial Profiling


  • Police: “Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to? You want me to smack you?” 
  • Teen: “What am I being stopped for?”
  • Police: ”For being a fucking mutt.”
  • Teen: ”That’s a law, being a mutt?”
  • Police: ”Shut your fucking mouth. I am going to break your fucking arm. Dude, I am gonna break your fucking arm then I’m gonna punch you in the fucking face.”

For full recording click HERE

Under Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Commissioner Ray Kelly stop and frisks have increased 600%.

Only about 10% of these stops lead to an arrest. The other 90% of people harassed are completely innocent. 

Of those stopped, on average, 85% are either Black or Latino. Most of them between the ages of 14 and 24.

So far, in 2012, only 9% of those stopped were white.

We need to end racial profiling in our “justice” system.




Ummmm…WTF?  Did they create this dialogue after watching Stepin Fetchit in 1935?  Goddammit people I was so not going here today.  You just had to push my buttons Tea Party.  You can spew lies and rhetoric all you want just stop perpetuating this ignorant, niggerish, backwoods stereotype for the love of GOD and ALL that is HOLY.  Ignorance begets ignorance.

…and the majority of the Media, doesn’t help matters when they put out nonsense like this under the guise of legitimate editorial

stay classy Tea Party and news media…

what the fuck




Ummmm…WTF?  Did they create this dialogue after watching Stepin Fetchit in 1935?  Goddammit people I was so not going here today.  You just had to push my buttons Tea Party.  You can spew lies and rhetoric all you want just stop perpetuating this ignorant, niggerish, backwoods stereotype for the love of GOD and ALL that is HOLY.  Ignorance begets ignorance.

…and the majority of the Media, doesn’t help matters when they put out nonsense like this under the guise of legitimate editorial

stay classy Tea Party and news media…

what the fuck

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COCODORM, my nigga?


George Zimmerman’s computer was searched in hopes of finding motive and reason of the shooting of teenager, Trayvon Martin and what they found makes me laugh the most disgusting cackle I’ve ever relinquished from my system. A number of gay Black porn sites were found on his computer. 

All jokes aside, no wonder he was so obsessed with the idea of ‘thugs’ running the neighbor he lived in. If you’ve ever watched Black gay porn you will realize how heavily the play up the ‘thug’ stereotype of Black men. In these porns you are bound to see anything from a hoodie or a fitted cap or both (at least in the first scene).

The porn industry has ALWAYS played on stereotypes of oppressed peoples to make their films. They take everything that isn’t cis hetero white male + cis hetero white female and put it in the “fetish” category:

You like to watch Black people (hetero) fuckin? Oh that’s the Black fetish.

Interracial? Interracial fetish.

Gay? Gay fetish.

Polygamy? Group/Orgy fetish.

Trans? [TW: T word] Tranny fetish.

and you want to see Black gay guys fuckin? Oh that’s in the Gay Thug Fetish.

The list goes on, some more dehumanizing than others but all together offensive. It’s no wonder that if this dude Zimmerman was watching “Taggaz.com, CocoDorm.com, and Thugboy.com” then he was definitely feeding into these disgusting stereotypes of Black men: we’re violent, abusive, and overtly aggressive. Of course he thought Trayvon was a thug. He saw the hoodie that he so morbidly fantasizes over and instantly remembered that the hoodie + the Black body = danger and violence.

I’m not blaming porn and I am NOT taking any blame off Zimmerman but I am just reminding everyone that in our countries social (and political) systems are racist. The white supremacy is so heavily engraved into almost every aspects of our lives. It is no shock that the -not so hidden- genocide on Black bodies is reaching a war-like body count.

[And if ANYONE comes at me with “but Zimmerman’s not white” even though he is CLEARLY a major fan of whiteness then you will be added to my list of people that if I had 3 wishes, 1 would be spent on “I wish these people didn’t exist.”]

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Whiteness: White Culture



You were born, bathed all your life, socialized and conditioned in a culture of destruction, violence and hatred, obviously you wont see it. It is part of you, you have internalized it so deeply that it will forever be inseparable from the person you are. White people need to listen listen to PoC who know their shit, who live every day dealing with racism, white people know nothing about. I make fun of whiteness, of course I do. It’s a very stupid social construct that exists. You can’t make fun ‘brownness’, or ‘blackness’, those things don’t exist. I will make fun of ‘whiteness’ because it’s used to oppresses us so much, and sometimes it’s too much, so I need to laugh about it. 

Racism doesn’t have to be intentional, I am totally aware that white people are all not the same and do not wake up every morning thinking “Oh well today we are going to make some brown people suffer and wreck their lives” No they don’t!! My point was that it is white supremacy as a system which uphold every and everyone white, which deny the humanity of brown people and especially black people - or PoC in general.  As part of whiteness, every single white person has the capability to be an oppressor, they may not realize it but their whole ‘socialized’ reality, their whole life is based on this ideology. They have been conditioned to find this normal, PoC know this isn’t how the world works.

So why silence us, when we’re hurt?

Whiteness filters down every aspect of western civilization, from art to science, to history, to politics, to economics, to sociology, to philosophy, to even something as basic as what is life, which lives are deemed important. Absolutely everything in Western civilization is stained with the concept of whiteness. This concept is the basis for oppressive structures that hurt and kill us POC around the world.

I am not saying that every single white person is a fucking serial killer, a Ted Bundy, roaming around with a knife planning to kill and hurt POC. I simply mean that every single white person is an important agent in racism. Why would you think that you are in any way better than your forefathers? 

If you are white, never, ever think that you are a ‘special snow flake’. Whiteness is NOT and will NEVER be redeemable. You may be an ally to POC or even dedicate your whole existence to fight the system that puts you on a pedestal, but as a white person, you will always be an agent of white supremacy. Fight privilege with us, not against us. 

OMG people are being inspired by my writing OMG OMG OMG OMG I can’t stop saying OMG OMG I can’t believe it, this is so great ;_;

Now I can’t stop crying of joy ;_; 

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There will always be one white person trying to equalize the global save trade of black bodies; the oppression appropriation and hatred of indigenous people; the appropriation, oppression and cultural rape of all Asian people, and the continuing oppression of those groups to being bullied in middle school by a black girl.

The entire concept of ‘exploration’ is taught wrong in schools.


All throughout our school education, K-12 in most places, we are taught this idea of ‘discovery and exploration.’ People like Columbus, Cortez, and Magellan all come to mind when we think of this idea of ‘exploration’. When in reality we won’t realize that this is a white supremacist way of thinking, when we assign the idea that all other countries were ‘discovered’ only when white people came and found them, we disenfranchise an entire culture. You cannot discover something that is already completely inhabited.

Just because a culture does not subscribe to your idea of: white, Christian, male dominated that does NOT mean that their culture can be written off as exotic and undiscovered. You didn’t discover anything, just because a white person has never heard of something or the Church has never heard of something does not mean it hasn’t been ‘discovered.’ The people in these cultures are not commodities to be used as trophies of your exploration. They are people, and when we erase their culture and history to everything after white people ‘discovered’ them we are committing yet another travesty. 

White people did not discover anything, we use the idea of discovery to support ownership and enslavement. Stop this idea of white people discovering the world. They DIDN’T

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The house can go to you for around $150,000. We had a family offer $170,000 but they were the wrong color

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Mississippi Conservatives Talk About Their Hatred Of Obama

People in America’s poorest state talk about how they’d rather remain wretched than accept anything from Obama, that negro in the White House. They hate government handouts even though many of them are on food stamps. They think Obama care is “retarded and pointless” even while acknowledging that many in their state need health care. It’s really a sad video to watch. 

I’m well aware that those interviewed represent a small fraction of those who live in Mississippi.  However, having lived in the Southeast for over a decade, I can personally attest to the fact that this way of thinking is also found in the best of neighborhoods amongst those of varying social, economical, and educational backgrounds.  The leaders of the Klan and other hate groups usually wear a suite and tie and are better educated than many think.  They feed this level of racist based fear and ignorance into those who listen to them and you end up with this.  

I rarely talk about race on this blog for my own mental health.  It’s not something that can be mentioned casually, it’s not something that blacks can get over as something in our past.  It’s alive and well in America, and regardless of your status, be it President or pauper, there are always those who will look at your success or lack of success as a direct relation to the color of your skin.  

I’m secure enough to acknowledge the ignorant and not allow them to impede on enjoying the successful and wonderful life I’ve created for myself.  Unfortunately, this is not about me.  These are the people who vote their faith and their prejudices.  These are the ones who voted for McCain simply because he was white, no policy considered, just the color of his skin.  These are the people who will vote GOP for the same reason.  

This has nothing to do with poverty either, as this ignorance has little to do with economic status.  These are learned behaviors of hate and intolerance, passed down from generation to generation.  Ignorance that moves past the slums and spread across all sectors of the nation. 

This isn’t a pro-Obama post, because I’ve shared before that my voting for him is strictly a result of doing my research and finding him the less of the evils.  If another candidate was available that did not make me want to flee the country every time they opened their mouth, I’d be seriously researching them.  This is about living in America in 2012 and having people still make political decisions based on faith and race.  

Just a few of the scary highlights from this video:

“God should come into his (The President) mind in every thing that he does.”

“This is America, our President should be American not Muslim.”

“It’s not because he’s black cause he’s a half breed…”

Man: “I guess I’m a little prejudices.” Reporter: “Are you? You don’t like black people?” Man: “Not much.” Reporter: “Why not?” Man: “I just don’t”

Reporter: “So you don’t care about the economy?” Man: “No, it will take care of itself.  If you put God back in the saddle it will all be ok.”

“We would rather go broke and die hungry than to give up our moral beliefs.”

“I feel like voting God and voting faith is more important to me than voting for free money…” 

“I’m gonna stand up for what I believe in even if I go broke doing it.”

“…and like the tag on the front of my truck says, ‘The South Will Rise Again’.”

~ Kim

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