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Requesting donations — care to help me out?



I really, really hate to ask for things like this. 

Like, really.  But I’m really out of options.

After going through debit card fraud and being set very behind while waiting for my money to return to me and after losing one of my jobs because it was a hostile work environment, my money situation has turned pretty dire.  While I did get the fraud settled, I had to pay a lot of money for past due bills because it took so long and I was unable to pay anything.

I can barely afford basic necessities, and things will get worse because I lost a job.

On top of this, I now have health situations I need to take care of immediately, including dental issues that are progressively getting worse and needing to get eyeglasses or contacts because my vision is very bad without them.  I don’t have the money for neither at this point, even though I have access to low-cost clinics for both.  I still don’t have the money to afford it.

I really don’t need a lot to keep me afloat and to take care of my health issues, but whatever you can donate or feel like donating would be much appreciated. I was hoping I could take care of things myself, but right now, I am broke.  And things will not get better until I can get into a better job situation (which I am trying now).

Really, there are people out there who are having it much worse than I am, and if you would rather donate to them, go right ahead.  If you don’t like me, then lol don’t give me money.  That won’t make me be more likeable to you, srry2say

But if you like me, like my blog, and have something to spare, go to my blog’s homepage and click the link in my blog’s description to donate to my PayPal account.

Thanks in advance.

Boost! I don’t have anything right now, but if my followers have anything that they can donate, please do!

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